Friday, February 15, 2013

Cutest new baby on the block

Well, as most of you know, baby Hutton #4 joined our family on January 29.  Very early on the 29th:)  Another handsome boy!  Sawyer Mark.  I will do a more detailed post one of these days (before he's one at least) chronicaling our birth experience.  Because let me me say, this one wanted to do everything in the books to make his birth the most memorable/exciting one of all.  He succeeded.  Plus, I have some cute pictures of him first born (as cute as you can be when your first born I guess:)).  But for now, a few teasers from my phone.  It's typically my everyday camera these days anyways, so I have the most pictures on there.  But for those who don't live here and want to see his you go:)

I for one really hope he doesn't lose this head full of dark hair.  I will admit it's a little weird to look at one of my baby boys and see all that dark hair, but I love it!  Just a little bit of me in there:)  

 Brian all prepped and ready to go back into the OR with me.  Gotta love the paper suits....

 I gave him a mohawk after his bath one night.  It stayed like this all night and the whole next day.  It's a good look for him:)