Thursday, August 27, 2015

Playing in the rain

We have had a much wetter summer than normal.  I mean much wetter.  It's been pretty fabulous!  While there have definitely been times Ive been a total grump about it (ie: when I rained about everyday for 2 weeks), it has been such a nice change from the normal drought conditions we have.  And it's made things a little cooler around here too which I am definitely not complaining about:)  Our summer started off wet.  Really wet.  And this was the time I was probably most grumpy about it.  School was out and I wanted to get the kids in the pool and do fun things outside.....but it just rained.  One day I decided I would just take the boys out to play in the rain instead:)  Sawyer was ticked until he could lose the umbrella.  Which is funny because he usually freaks out about being rained on.  But he didn't want one, and I certainly didn't care at all!  So after we got over that, the little boys had a blast splashing through the puddles .  And I just enjoyed watching their cute little rain boot-ed feet play.