Friday, September 26, 2014


I figured since it's been several weeks, it was time I posted something new:) 

We got a trampoline for the backyard.  We (meaning me) have been wanting a big one for a while.  The kids had a little one for several years that they loved.  It got torn up so we had to throw it away, and I've wanted to upgrade it since then.  So, I finally bugged Brian enough and made it happen!  And the kids love it (so far....a week and a half in;))!  It's so fun to watch them jump on it.  Or half prance/run around if you are Sawyer.  Our kids have some mad jumping skills.....Eli has a pretty sweet flip and has recently started doing a "flip twist" (his words) with a twist while he flips.  Seriously way more talented than me.  Or maybe he's just more daring and adventurous than me.  I'm pretty afraid I might not make it all the way around and break my neck if I try, so I leave the flipping up to the kids.  I do have a mean butt bounce though;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Parker's First Day

So, Parker started preschool.  Figured I better document it.  He actually started on August 27.  He had to wait until he turned three so he had a couple weeks longer of summer than his older siblings.  He only goes two days a week (which is all I can handle:)) and is there on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Even though his first day was two weeks after everyone else started, I had to get some pictures to document this!  And I'm so glad I did.  Because Parker is hilarious.  At all times, but getting pictures of him can be entertaining.  He was not real thrilled to be going to school.  Any time you would say to something about it to him, he just says "school weird" (in his own little Parker way:))  He has the same sentiments about getting his picture taken.  I kept trying to get him to actually look at me and he would pout and say "me wone mama!" (saying he wants to be alone).  Too funny.  Goofy kid.  But we love him so.  I don't have any pictures of him at his school, but drop off went better than I expected.  He was sad and kept asking me to stay, but he didn't cry.  I think he had fun when he was there, but he was definitely excited to see me when I picked him up.  Three weeks in, he still doesn't like going and hates being dropped off, but goes in without crying.  So I will take that as a win!

Fun fact.....Parker had his 3 year check on the 25th.  Parker and Sawyer are 17 months apart, but built very different and very very close to the same size.  So I was curious to see how far apart they actually were in size.  Parker only weighs 1 lb more than Sawyer and is only 2 1/2 inches taller than him.  So I predict my 1 1/2 year old is going to be surpassing my 3 year old, in weight, very very soon:)