Sunday, September 9, 2012


Soccer season is in full swing around here for daddy.  Which means that the kids and I get to spend far more one on one time with each other.  Which also means that I am usually looking for things to do to get out of the house to burn off some energy!  When we can, we go to games.  I usually bribe the kids to go by enticing them with a treat.  Who doesn't love m&m's?!?  But they have a blast when they get there anyways because they LOVE running up and down the bleachers and climbing all the stairs.  Wears me out just watching them, but I guess that's kind of the point....wearing them out, not me:)  This particular night was actually just a soccer practice.  The first week of school, B has practice in the evenings, so one nice evening the kids and I loaded up so they could go play on the bleachers without parents trying to watch the game, and I got out of the house:)

This is what they do most the up and down this ramp.

She scares me....she is fearless, and pretty fast, but I just picture her wiping out and the water works that will follow......

 He is usually slightly disappointed that I won't let him out of the stroller to go up and down the bleacher stairs too.  In time little man, in time.  For now, I enjoy having him strapped in where I don't have to worry about what he's doing:)

More birthday fun

Since we were already in birthday mode, we decided to make a weekend of it and do a big birthday bash at Brian's parents house on Sunday evening (the day after the friend party).  Brian's Aunt Susan was in town from New York and her birthday is at the end of July.  Then Mark's birthday is August 5, and we finish off with Eli's being the 13th and Parker's the 24th.  So we just decided one big family celebration was in order.  The kids got to see cousins and we got to eat yummy food.  Plus, there was swimming again.  

I will warn you that even though this post is about a big birthday bash for lots of family, it's mostly pictures of Parker shoving cake in his face.  It was his first birthday celebration.....and he's just so darn cute, so I can't resist sharing a bazillion pictures of him enjoying his first cake.  And he did enjoy it.  So I apologize if you get sick of seeing the same thing over and over.  Just scroll down:)

Cheese!  You'd never know it by looking at this picture, but Kamdyn and her cousin James are SO similar is personality and little quirks.  James is a year older than Kamdyn, and she does things all the time that just make me see her older cousin in her.  
 He wasn't too sure about everyone singing happy birthday to him.

 But he sure liked the cake.......

 She was a fan too.  This girl has a serious sweet tooth like her mama.
 Present time!

Such a fun weekend celebrating lots of birthdays!  Now we have a little bit of a break before the crazy holiday season and birthday season for our families in the winter!

August Birthday Fun

The first weekend of August we had a "friend" birthday party for Eli and his bff, Grey.    Their birthdays are just 11 days apart, so we(meaning the mommies:)) always think it works out perfectly to do a joint friend party together.  Especially since they have a the same friends.  A little less work for everyone involved when we can combine forces.  And since they are August boys, a pool party is almost always a must.  This year, we just decided to add a little bit more to it by making it an ice cream social swim party.  Perfect.  I love ice cream.  So I was happy.  And the kids are they were happy with seeing friends and swimming and getting sugar.  Win win for everyone.  We had a blast.  Enjoy some pictures from the night!

I saw this idea on pintrest for a balloon wall.  I would have loved to do it, but I'm cheap and wanted something I could use more than one time and that would last more than a day.  So I adapted it to be a streamer wall.  So fun!  Even though it wasn't balloons, I loved the way it turned out.
 The boys posing for us with their ice cream table before all of their friends got there.  Not real sure what Eli is doing.....
Cute girls......Kamdyn and Grace are just a month apart in age, and though I may be a bit biased, they are about the sweetest little things ever.  They even wore their matching swim suits to the party:)

 Every swim party needs goggles.......
 Proof that Parker was there too. He was my camera helper:)  He hung out with me while I melted and took pictures of all the fun.
 Treat table!  Little slice of heaven in my book.  Oh how I love sweets.

Happy birthday Eli and Grey!  Can't believe you boys are a year older already!  Definitely can't believe that next year we will be celebrating the big 5 with you two!