Thursday, March 29, 2012

7 months

My baby is 7 months old. I'm not really sure how that happened. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was checking into the hospital to have him. In reality, I've visited 4 friends since then who have had babies. WHAT?!? He's getting to be my big man now. His first tooth just popped through. It's so stinking cute to see that tiny little white speck when he gives me his big cheesy grins. But now it's official....with a tooth, sitting in a high chair scarfing down baby food, drinking (if you can call it that:)) from a sippy cup, almost sitting, and 7 months old....Parker is closer to being a toddler now than a baby. Tear:( It's so exciting and so sad all at the same time. I do cherish the baby year, and am planning on soaking up every little bit of it I can. Because in just 5 short months, I'm going to have a 1 year old (and a 4 year old, and almost 3 year old....YIKES!! Three toddlers....might just be a little bit like a nightmare;)). So here's to the last 5 months of Parker's babyhood! Man he's such a cutie!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We go to the zoo a lot. It's close, cheap (once you shell out the dough for a membership), and has a lot of room for the kids top run wild. We usually go at least once a week in the spring and summer. Last week, we went three days in a row. Maybe a bit excessive, but the weather was gorgeous and the kids had a blast. And we got out of the house and burned off some energy with friends. Guess that's all that really matters. Plus, we probably already would have paid for the membership by now:). Such good time with some great girlfriends and their kids. It was fun to play around with my camera too. I feel like I am almost a pro at handling this thing now! Well, maybe I won't go that far, but I was fun to mess around with all the settings and get some fun pictures.

Parker was there too. This is the proof. He doesn't walk yet, so there is no other visual proof of his presence:) He was such a good little man too. Sitting up like a big boy in the stroller (tear:()She was afraid of the goats (even though they were behind a fence) So she just hung out behind the stroller for protection and to help me push.
The new fun game at the zoo. Climb up the posts and throw stuff into the water. Geez, people gotta learn how to watch their kids:)
Such a pretty little thing. She was checking out the giraffes. One of mommy's personal favorites!
So sweet! Conrad and Kamdyn, bff's, perhaps future boyfriend/girlfriend, just hanging out holding hands. She loves her friends. And she thinks their mommies are pretty awesome too. Conrad's mommy, Allison, is a personal favorite of Kamdyn's:)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nerf Wars

We've been having fun and having battle with our nerf guns lately. So we've had to spend some time practicing out skills. Gotta get the reflexes in tip top shape for our wars with friends. Never give up!

Clearly we are pretty intense. So you better watch your backs. We take no prisoners.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We've upgraded from milk

I finally got Parker started on "big boy" food:) I seem to be doing things so much slower with him that I did with the other two. Part of it is laziness, but really, I just want this handsome little man to freeze. So. Stinking. Cute. And lovable. I don't want him to change, or grow up, or talk back. Ever. Oh well, wishful thinking. And I'm sure I would eventually tire of 330 am feedings and changing his diaper. But for now, I'm perfectly content and don't want this to change.

Moving on....the nuts and bolts of the post. I started Parker on baby food (a couple of weeks steps, I'm getting caught up!) He's had cereal and oatmeal and loves them both, but he's never had anything that doesn't taste like cardboard:) We started with peas. Mostly because it's probably the most disgusting of all the options (in my opinion). He didn't love them, but he didn't really hate them either. Since then, he's also had green beans and squash. He seems to really like peas are really the only dislike so far. Again, can't really blame him here, but that's why I started there. It only gets better. So, to the pictures.....

Warning: there are probably far more pictures than are necessary for a baby food post. But I can't help it. He is so darn cute. I can't take enough pictures. And those blue eyes....don't even get me started on those eyes. I love them. Besides, I don't think any of the grandparents are complaining (at least I know my mom isn't:))

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello sunshine

We have been blessed with a mild winter so far this year. It has been amazing! Good for the soul:) Lots of chances to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. That's one thing that makes this momma happy. Since it has been so nice, we've been trying to take advantage whenever we can to get outside (i.e. when daddy's home because Parker doesn't sit up on his own yet and it's hard for mommy to corral the other two when I have to hold on to him!). This means park days! Love that we've been able to go to the park in January and February. The kids love it too:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hair cut

Hello all! Did you miss me?? It's only been a month since I did my last blog post:) Oh well, that's life I guess. Just lots of stuff going on.....

Anyways, I will do a bit of catching up (mostly because I have some cute pictures of our kiddos). So this happened way back in January. Little miss got her first hair cut. I've been putting off cutting her hair because I want it to grow longer. But, it was time. My fabulous friend, and hair dresser, Sage, said that her hair would thicken up and even out a bit if we finally gave it a trim. Yes please! So hair cut it was. We were over at Sage's house one day for a play date (gotta love multi-tasking:)) and she did a little trim job on Kamdyn.

Kamdyn wasn't real sure what in the world we were doing to her, and I had to give her some fruit snacks to keep her happy during the cut. This girl loves her food:)

And that's that. I must say, I feel like her hair has come a long way since that cut:) It's all mostly one length (which is always a bonus) and it's getting a little bit thicker. So cute. It's getting longer now too. I always have to pull it out of her face. Pretty fun. It's making me brush up on my "hair styling" skills. Thank goodness for pintrest! And that I have some time to work on it as I go!