Friday, October 28, 2011

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Having babies that is. And Brian is SO done! He loves our kids, but 3 is the limit. I always tell everyone when they ask if we are having more kids that we are done, but that Brian could talk me into a 4th....but he won't:) And that's probably a good thing, and I'm glad for a husband who knows/sets his limits:) I also always say that if I didn't have to raise them past the first year of life, we would have a house full of babies. But, beyond the first year is really part of the deal...go figure. So there you have it folks, we are done. No more Hutton's from us! These three cuties will have to do.This is a very sad and bittersweet time for me. Because I know that three is my limit too. Two probably would have been plenty (and some days is more than I can handle anyways!), but then we wouldn't have had this handsome little boy in our life.
My problem is just that I enjoy being pregnant.
I enjoy labor and delivery (I know I's a sickness I tell you:))
I love the newborn stage.
But every baby turns into a toddler.......
And that's the problem:)
There are those people who hate the baby stage, but love the the toddler stage. I am the opposite. I LOVE the baby stage, and hate the toddler stage. It is just so tiring and frustrating and angering. I am a very patient person, or so I thought, and then our oldest baby turned into a toddler. Insert all patience out the window here. I just can't handle it. I don't enjoy it most days, and am wishing for a fast forward button! I love our kids dearly, but there are LOTS of days where I just wish I could run away. They run me ragged and wear me down. I shed tears and they make me shed tears. It's just a little ridiculous!!! I know that this too will pass, and I'm just waiting. Trying to wait patiently. And the reality is, I don't really want them to grow up to fast. They are already growing too fast. I just want out of toddler hood:) Then I know we will enter a whole new set of battles......But I'm ready to put our diaper days behind us. I'm ready for sports and school parties.
And as I write this I'm tearing up (I'm such a baby), because it makes me so sad to be leaving this stage of life behind. To know that I won't experience that baby moving inside me again. To hear the heartbeat for the first time. To experience the excitement of new life in the family.

But at the same time, I'm so excited to see what's ahead. To be behind the nighttime feedings. The toddler tantrums over the word no. The inability to actually say words to communicate. So many more exciting things ahead, and I can't wait. I just gotta get our three little ones through my least desirable stage first I'm not even halfway done....Yikes!!

At least they are cute:) And in other news, this little man is almost 10 weeks old! When did that happen!
He went to the dr on Wednesday for his 2 month check-up and first round of shots. He wasn't a fan of the shots, but who can blame him.

Height: 22 1/2 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 15 1/2 inches (> 25th percentile)

He's growing fast and changing so quickly. Must be because he's our last.....he's trying to speed up the growing process for me when I just want to keep him a baby forever:)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hayrack Ride

Last Saturday we enjoyed a fun family outing at OJ Watson Park. Our MAPS (mothers and preschoolers) group had a hayrack ride and hot dog cookout planned. So it was just our excuse to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and spend some time with some great friends. I remember going to OJ Watson park as a kid, but I forgot how cool this place was! They have ponies you can ride, a train you can ride, and paddle boats. It all costs a little, but its still cool. The train was a huge hit with Eli, as you can imagine. It was the first thing he and daddy had to do when we got there. And he's still talking about it and when we can go back.

While the boys went on the train, Kamdyn and I stayed back at the campfire to do some coloring with a sleeping Parker. She was impressed....can you tell:)
The train ride! They went right by us, so we were able to see them and wave. The tracks also made for a fun place for the kids to play on.
On the hayrack ride. It was very challenging to get the kids to sit close enough to me for this picture....hence the reason I was "helping" them get close enough. Looks like the kids all have the same look on their faces. HA!
These two are pals:) I think they must be sharing some serious secrets. This relationship works so well because Eli still does pretty much everything Elliot tells him too.....wonder how it will change if he starts getting his own ideas:)
Kamdyn, our little lap hopper. She loves mommy's friends. Allison is her favorite:)
But she loves any and all open mommy laps. Such a snuggler!

Parker was there too! So handsome

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pigtails and purple boots

There are seriously not enough words to describe how adorable this little girl I will just let the pictures do the talking:)
I sure wish she kept her pigtails in better. She's NOT a fan of me putting her hair up and she usually pulls them out after about 5 minutes. We were lucky this day....she kept them in half the morning!

PS. Brian kept asking me why I was taking so many pictures ( probably have about 25 of her this day) response was that I wasn't getting the shot I wanted, but really, how could you resist taking pictures of her?!:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Klausmeyer Dairy Farm and Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we got to take our first ever visit to Klausmeyer Dairy farm. We were celebrating the kids' pal, Griffin, second birthday. How cool is that party idea?!? Sorry kids, your mama isn't nearly that creative and we probably won't have fun birthdays like that until you are 10:) We had an awesome time despite the fact that it was crazy windy and even rained. Gotta love Kansas! Of course that stuff never phases the kids, it's just the adults that grumble about it (however, I don't think anyone was grumbling about the much needed rain)

The kiddos were watching a cow milking demonstration. This held their attention for about a nano second. Conrad (the one in white next to Kamdyn) was the first to stray. The others slowly followed him.
Isn't she cute?!? Good thing too, because this one is a firecracker and drives her mama crazy:)

I've decided that I should probably just invest in some old bleachers for the backyard. The boys climbed all over these things for the longest time.
This is a sign I think I need in the house:)
Conrad and cute:) He used to pick on her, now I think he likes her:) She's forgotten his past transgressions on her and they are becoming quick pals.
Eli and Grey, bff's, just dancing to the music. Grey was showing Eli all his best moves:)
Pig races....enough said
Picking out the perfect pumpkin. I was in the house (out of the wind) feeding Parker and Kamdyn was with me, so Eli and daddy got to this part of the party by themselves (well, with all of Eli's pals, but without us:))
Grey and Eli making their way through the hay maze. Didn't get to experience this part either. I probably would have gotten us lost:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Who knew painting with water could be so much fun. Our kids sure love it. It's been so beautiful outside so we've been spending as much time out there as we can. Jake had a water bowl outside and Eli wanted to paint, so I just got out some paintbrushes for the kids. I didn't figure it would keep their attention for too long, but I was wrong. This has become one of their favorite things to do outside. They "paint" all over the place. And it makes me happy because it keeps them entertained. Win win for all!

Really, they do own pants! Just seems to me that whenever I actually take pictures of them, they aren't on:)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Miss Fix It

"My wheel's broken, sissy, my wheel's broken!......"
(this is what Eli does whenever he's riding his bike outside.....he rides it down the driveway, gets to the flat part, and calls for his sister to come help him out)

Kamdyn to the rescue! She quickly assess the situation......
Then works her magic.........
And pushes the wheels back to the ground for her brother...this girl's amazing......don't know what we'd do around here without her car mechanic skills;)
Then Eli is off on his way again until the next ride around.

PS. Please ignore the fact that my children are running around without pants on.....we DO own pants for them, I promise:) It was just after naps (I take their pants off during nap time, just seems more comfortable to me......don't worry, when I nap, I leave my pants on:)) and it was actually pretty warm this day. I figure I gotta let Eli run free for as long as I can. This is the last year he will be able to get away with no pants on outside.....somehow it just doesn't seem right to let my kids run around outside with underwear on( and I'm praying to the big guy above that this kid (hopefully two of them) are potty trained by no pants time next year!). But that's right, diapers are ok:)

At least Kamdyn has shoes on....there may be no hope for Eli.