Monday, March 28, 2011

In his mommy's shoes

The kids have recently discovered a love for playing in mommy's closet. Eli likes to hide behind my pants and pull out all my empty jewlrey boxes. He has taught his little sister where to find my belts and how to pull them out and drape them around her shoulders or drag them through the house. She's basically his little sidekick and encourages him way to much in his ornery behavior by laughing at him. Only gives him more reason to do it. And really, who can blame him? He does have the cutest baby sister ever and her laugh is very infectious. Anyways, both kids love to pull my shoes out of my shoe caddy. Eli actually wears them, and Kamdyn certainly attempts. Hasn't been too successful yet, but she keeps on trying. Gotta applaude her persistence. A couple of weeks ago (yes, I'm that behind. BUT, I have a good excuse. I've been busy pricing crap (wait, I will think of it as someone else's treasure) and scouting every nook and cranny for stuff I don't want and can throw in the garage sale pile) I heard Eli clomping through the house. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I sounded like he was beating something against the wood floor in the kitchen. He comes waltzing into his room wearing my red heels. Oh no! The day his daddy hoped would never come....the day his son is wearing his mommy's heels:). At least he's got good taste. Up until this point, he only wore my tennis shoes or slippers. He walks into the room with this little grin on his face. So funny. There have been a couple other instances since that day, but I dread the day Kamdyn comes walking in in my heels. I may never get her out of them after that!Ps. Don't worry daddy, if it makes you feel any better about Eli enjoying wearing my heels, he just kept jumping out of them. It was just a big game for him. Gotta find the thrill in any situation:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fresh Paint

Thanks to a granny day yesterday, I was able to finally get the kids' bathroom painted. I've been wanting to do this for ages, and I've had my paint for at least a month now, but I just never got it tackled. I didn't really want to try to tackle this project during a naptime because I didn't want to wake the kids up, and I wanted to be able to do it all in one sitting. So, I've been hanging onto this project until a granny day when the kiddos were having fun with granny. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you don't have kids underfoot!

Here's the before:

And after: Love the new color! I feel like I'm in a whole new bathroom. I have been using that bathroom more than I usually do just because I like to look at the pretty green walls:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Number 3

This is the little announcement I made to send out to tell our family:) Had to do something fun this time around.

For those of you that haven't heard yet, we are expecting baby number 3 at the end of August. Bring on the fun! I figured since I have been pregnant or nursing since December of 2007, what the heck! Why not go for number 3:) Might as well get it all done with at once, right? That little fact probably has much more to do with the fact that I actually just love being pregnant (except for waiting in the dr. office! I had to wait an hour and a half this week!!), and enjoy the baby stage (my kids made it that way for me, praying that this little booger is the same too, but won't hold my breath:)). That and I have a wonderful husband who seems to enjoy the chaos and little feet in our lives. However, that being said, I have been told, and reminded a couple of times from my dh that three is it. So I'm going to enjoy it all while I can! So for all of you out there hoping for a small army of Hutton's from this family, three is going to be it. We are excited and can't wait to meet this new one. We have our sonogram scheduled for April 13th so we can hopefully find out if we are having a boy or a girl:) Brian's official guess is a girl, and that's what my dr. guessed, as well as my mom. So we shall see. And for proof of the growing belly already if you haven't seen it in person, here I am at 16 weeks. I feel huge already. After the first, that belly just pops right out! My first "pregnant" picture when I was pregnant with Eli was at 24 weeks, and I probably looked about the same, lol. Hope the belly slows down and evens out in the end like it did when I was pregnant with Kamdyn.
Ps. For all of you out there wandering.....we do have names picked out, but we won't tell you again:) You can guess all you want, but you're just going to have to wait, we won't tell you even if we guess right. Mean, I know, but it sure is fun to have something to surprise you all with

Monday, March 7, 2011

You're just jealous because you can't be this cool:)

I make a conscience effort everyday to get myself up before the kids and get myself put together for the day. Even though I stay home, I try to not just lounge around in sweats and a t-shirt everyday. Don't get me wrong, there are always at least a couple of days a week that are my standard "comfy" days, but I try hard to make myself look and feel nice each day. Not just for myself, but for my wonderful hubs who drags himself out of bed every morning to go to work so I can stay home with the kids. I figure I gotta make myself still look good for him even though I stay home and often end up with slobber, spit up and food all over me by the end of the day (what can I say, I'm a messy eater:))

Anyways, it has recently come to my attention, that some of the things I do, or fashion statements I make when I'm just bumming around the house are a little ridiculous. Most of the time, I manage to make it out of the house totally presentable, but someone of my "housewear" fashions are a little silly and would look really special in public. This past Friday I was wearing my leggings with my boots over them. I always wear socks with my shoes, but I hate my shoes on in the house. So I just had my leggings on with my nice white socks pulled all the way up to the bottom of the leggings. Listen, I used to wear the stir-up leggings with slouch socks, but I gotta say, that's not the same look I'm managing to pull off. And, that's not even considered cool right now (I'm secretly hoping it stays that way too!) It is also not unusual to find me walking around the house in the spring with capris and socks on with my slip on flats. This looks so ridiculous. A couple of months ago, I had some big old baggy sweats (the ones with elastic at the bottom, by the ankles) on and put my knee high black Uggs over them to trudge to the store. Hey, it was snowy, and freezing outside. I was later informed by my darling husband that it looked a little silly and I shouldn't go out in public like that.

Oh well, thankfully the kids don't care:) It's a good thing What not to wear doesn't secretly film me and what I wear around the house. I would be a candidate for a show for sure. I'm comfortable enough in my own skin that I don't really care how silly I may look sometimes, and I will always be the first to laugh at myself. I just hope that our kids grow up comfortable in who they are the the bodies that God gave them. I love the innocence of a child. The complete comfort in whatever they are wearing (or not wearing). I could dress the kids in totally unmatched, clashing clothes and they would be just as comfortable in public as they are in the house.

This picture would be much more effective in catching the "awesomeness" of the outfit if I was standing. But you'll just have to use your imaginations. Or maybe you all might get lucky and stop by sometime when this is the look I'm sporting and see how cool I look:)

It's hot, I know..... Not everyone can pull this off:)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The smell of pine sol makes me happy

It's probably really sad that the smell of pine sol does indeed make me happy, and that I would actually say that out loud to all of you, but it's true. I love Tuesdays (this is my "floor cleaning" day) because I know the house will smell like pine sol. Interestingly enough, I actually hate cleaning the floors. Sweeping, mopping, and vaccumming are my least favorite "chore", but I can make myself do it weekly (most of the time) just because I know the house will smell like pine sol. Maybe I should just seek out a pine sol scented candle:)

Sorry for the lack of blogging on here. The kids and I just haven't been doing anything real new or exciting recently. I was telling a friend the other day that I feel like I've been hibernating all winter long. It's been so cold for parts of this winter, the kids and I haven't done anything but hang around the house. We run a few errands in the morning, then just hang out and destroy the house and ensure that mommy is going to step on toys in the kitchen at least three times while I'm fixing dinner. That being said, I am so ready for spring! I'm ready to come out of hibernation and enjoy the great outdoors with the kiddos.

Until I get my pictures off my camera, I don't have any new "eye candy" for you all. So for now, I am just going to leave you with some random thoughts rolling around in my head.

Spring fever has hit me around here. I've been moving from room to room cleaning out and de-cluttering. After being in the house all winter long, I've noticed all the things that I want to get rid of or throw away. It's amazing the amount of stuff we accumulate!! I'm far from being finished with my winter purge, but then again, this is an ongoing process with me.....I hate clutter and stuff just sitting around that we don't use. I have all these visions in my head of the way things are going to look when I am done with them. Scary:) I also have big plans to paint the kid's bathroom and laundry room over spring break. Can't wait!

Whenever we play in the backyard, I have to pick up dog poop. This probably isn't a bad thing, but it cracks me up that it's such a big deal anymore. We (meaning Brian because I was pretty much never in the back yard before) used to pick up poop only about twice a year. Gross, I know. We used to always tease that it was time to pick up poop when Jake had to dodge his own "land mines" to go out to the bathroom:) Eli is the reason I have to pick it up now. He gets super concerned about Jake's poop, and won't really play on his swing set unless the poop is picked up around it. He will just sit at the top of his slide and say, "mommy, jake's poop." If I miss any, he points it out for me so make sure we get it gone. I can't really say I blame the kid. I would hate to have to worry about stepping in a big pile of poop while I'm playing. I told Brian that he better be glad that Eli is so concerned about the poop, because it gets him out of picking it up every time since he's not home.

We bought our house intentionally with the basement unfinished because we knew we wanted to do it ourselves. We didn't use the basement in our old house a ton, so we figured it wouldn't really be that big of a deal. Man, I wish our basement was finished now. For some reason, it is Eli's favorite place to go. However, it's my least favorite. It's a disaster down there and cold. I hate to go down there, and he always wants to go down there. But, I win out, and we don't go down often:) But I am looking forward to having it finished so I actually WANT to spend more time down there. As I've mentioned before, I'm a very organized person, so the basement kind of drives me nuts. Since it is unfinished, I do okay with leaving it a total mess most of the time, but I long for the day when it's organized and picked up. The chaos is starting to drive me crazy!! I can envision it all finished and exactly how I want it to look:) I can see my scrapbook room/office totally organized and put together. I can see the boxes from our old house gone and emptied and places for all of our stuff. Now, I'm just waiting as patiently as I can until I can actually go go work whipping the basement into shape:)

I am addicted to the show "The Bachelor". Totally ridiculous, I know. Those relationship hardly ever work out. It surprises me that the couples are always shocked when things don't work out:) The show is such a fantasy. These people get to travel all over and go on the these absolutely amazing dates.....not usually really realistic to real life. Some people may get to do stuff like that sometimes, but not all the time. So why is it so surprising to them when things don't work out when they actually get back to the "real world" with each other. The real world where they may just get to go to dinner and a movie, and they both have to go to work, they have shared spaces and habits they never knew about that they have to deal with, ect. Anyways, even though I've always felt the show is totally unrealistic, I still watch it. I'm such a romantic and can't help but get pulled into it all. This season is down to the last two girls and I can't wait to see what happens! I always hope that somehow the relationship will work out. So far, in the history of the bachelor and bachelorette, there have been two marriages from the show. Can't remember how many seasons they have had, but it's been WAY more than 2:)

Soccer season has officially started again. Brian started tryouts on Monday for the girls season. I am not a "soccer widow" once again. Really, it's not that bad. We just get used to having Brian around every evening and earlier in the day after school. Now he will have practice and be gone at least two evenings a week for games. I'm excited to soccer season though. I actually really enjoy going to his games and always tell him that I look forward to girls season even more because it signifies, to me, the beginning of spring:)

Well, I probably better get myself off the bed now and get productive for the day. I promise to try to be better about updating this thing for you all in the future. I haven't taken many pictures recently, but I have plans to start keeping my camera with me so I can capture the cute things the kids to and our everyday life. Have a wonderful week!