Monday, April 1, 2013


This might be the fastest turn around on pictures on the blog I've had in a very very long time:)  I'm actually blogging about a holiday the day after....that's impressive folks!  And may never happen again:)

Anyways, we had a fabulous Easter.  We spent a beautiful afternoon with family and had lots of yummy food to eat, I got to have adult conversation, and the kids had lots of cousins to play with so they were in heaven.  Perfect day.  Enjoy a look into the day via pictures!

A picture of all the cousins (minus Sawyer....he was happily sleeping inside with his nana:))  It's not the best picture, but with this many kids under 7, bodies count!

Easter Egg hunting time!  It was so fun to watch the kids do this this year.  They are finally really old enough to get it and to enjoy it.  It helps that they did a practice run with their granny earlier this week, but still, they had a blast.  With the exception of Parker, I didn't actually have to help and could walk around and take pictures!

This is what he did all afternoon.  Afternoon nap in an adoring nana's is good:)

I just wanted a picture with my sweet girl;)  She was pulling the typical Kamdyn and didn't want to take a picture.  This is what I got.  I'll take it...she's still cute.

I'm married to a stud.  We've got real cute kids too.....

I also decided I wanted to attempt to get a picture of all six of us.  Sadly, we don't have a picture of us as a family of six.  I don't know if I actually got a good one.  On the ones where the kids were at least looking at the camera, Brian was being a dork:)  So here is what I got....some of our outtakes included. I figured you should see how many pictures it takes to get a halfway decent one (and again, I don't actually know if we even got a good one...this isn't all of the attempts:)).

Hope you all had a happy Easter!