Tuesday, February 7, 2012

She's fierce

Let me start this post off by saying this wasn't originally my idea. But it was an awesome idea. I saw it on facebook, so I just used it:)

I surprised Brian with a nerf gun one weekend. He's always wanting to get one, but I usually just say no, there are far better things we could use our money on. But about a month ago, I saw this picture on facebook. It was a picture of a note a nerf gun from a wife. Genius. I knew I had to do this for B. He would be in heaven. So, he went to the Y one Saturday, and I got everything all ready. When he walked into the house, he saw a note on the floor with a nerf gun.

It said:

Welcome home babe.
3 things:

1: our bedroom and the bathrooms are off limits
2: This is all the extra ammo you get
3: Learn fast, you are under attack as of right now!

I was waiting around the corner to get him when he walked in. He walked in, but he hadn't picked up the gun! I shot him anyways:) He asked where his gun was......I informed him that it was sitting right next to the note.......so funny....we have so many toys laying all over the place, he didn't even notice it was a nerf gun. He just thought it was another toy in the kitchen. So he found it and we started a war.

It didn't last as long as I would have liked it to. It was a ton of fun, but Parker was ticked and screaming and Kamdyn wasn't much of a fan of mommy and daddy shooting each other with foam darts. Plus, it was kind of hard to avoid hitting the cute kids running around trying to see what we were doing. But it was awesome regardless. It wasn't the last fight, and and I know there are many more in our future:)

The title of this post is clearly about Kamdyn. So now I will get to the point of it. I just had to throw in a little backgroud there:) The next morning we were playing around with the guns and we enlisted the help of the kids. So Eli started shooting daddy, and Kamdyn started shooting me. She soon learned to love those little nerf guns. And got really good at loading them too. She was cracking us up though, because even after we were done, she just wanted to run through the house. She kept pretending to shoot them (even though they are too hard to work them by themselves). Pretty funny to see that little pint size pixie running at you with a nerf gun.

Look out world, she's fierce. And not afraid to use this gun.
Better watch your backs when you come over for a visit:)

PS. We don't teach our kids that it's okay to shoot people or point guns at them. But a little nerf gun action is hard to resist!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What your toilet paper says about you

Do you know what your toilet paper says about you?? Several weeks ago, I saw this picture on facebook. It's hilarious. You should check it out and see if it's accurate:)For the record, we have our toilet paper over the top (the first picture).

this is what our toilet paper looks like a lot of the time.....
So what's that say about us???

You have a toddler in the house who seems to find the hilarity (that you just can't ever seem to find!!!) of pulling as much toilet paper off the roll as humanly possible before you are caught.

So annoying.....this ticks mommy off. But apparently the wrath of mommy doesn't really matter much (or maybe my wrath just isn't scary enough) because this still happens weekly in our house.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What 3 year old, train loving kid wouldn't love this!?!

Our kids are seriously spoiled. But, I'm so thankful that they have all their grandparents here to spoil and love on them. And they are grandparents, it's what they are for, spoiling:) Besides that, everyone deserves to be spoiled a bit sometime. This time it was Eli. His papa had asked us if he could build a train track to go along the top of Eli's ceiling. He knows (and shares, and quite possibly feeds) Eli's love for trains. Brian said it was up to me, I said sure, why not. So Mark got to work. And man did he do awesome! Pretty sure this ended up being much more elaborate than he intended:), but it is amazing. If I loved trains, it would probably be like Heaven on earth for me, especially if I was three. He told Eli about it a couple of months ago, and since then Eli has been asking about the train papa was going to build him to go on his ceiling. Well, Mark finished it up right before his and Mary's annual vacation and they put it about 2 weeks ago. Not even kidding. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Eli thinks so too:) He gets to push the big red button and his train runs along his track up by his ceiling. Mommy and daddy also have a "parental control" button in the back unfinished room so we can turn it off so he's not running his train whenever he feels like it. Definitely a good idea (however as I right this, I am remembering I forgot to "charge" his train when I put him in there for naps.....I take it as a good sign I haven't heard it yet:)) Anyways, the pictures won't even do this train track justice, but at least you will get the idea. Thanks Mark for making Eli's month (quite possibly his year:))!!