Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello all!  By now everyone knows that I suck at blogging.  And I probably won't get any better anytime soon.  But I thought I'd update this little blog anyways.  And hopefully there can be hope for me, but again, it's probably a lot cause.  So you will just have to enjoy what I post whenever I can get myself to do it.  I'd like to say I'd go back and do a catch up on all that's been going on in our lives the last, oh, 9 months, but that will also probably not happen:)  Just being realistic folks! 
I've really started to do a lot of photography on the side.  I love it, and I love that I can make it work with my schedule and taking care of my kiddos.  I've always loved pictures.  I just love capturing a moment and having it around to look back at.  Because time flies so fast.  And lord knows after 4 kids my brain is often mush.  I tell myself that there is time to remember things in 18 years when the kids are out of the house, but then I will just be old so it's probably all downhill from here:)  Anyways, I've been doing a lot of photography on the side for others.  But my all time favorite subjects to photograph are my own children.  Because gosh they are so stinking cute.  And ornery.  And obnoxious.  And difficult.....I digress.....they are still my favorite because of, and in spite of all of the above.  That also makes them some of the hardest little people to photograph because they are used to me shoving a camera in their face, lol.  Good thing I'm a fan of candid photography.  
A couple of weeks ago Brian had a Saturday full of soccer.  So I decided it was the best time to take all the kiddos out to myself to capture some new pictures of them.  Seriously...I make my life very challenging sometimes.  But I love the results anyways.  And these are some of my new favorite pictures of some of my favorite people.  Don't be surprised if you find them all over the house.  For now, enjoy some pictures of our adorable children!!

 This it.  Mostly because Parker was being a pain in the butt.  I could get everyone else (even his 15 month old brother) to mostly cooperate and stay in one place for 15 seconds, except for Parker.  He beats to the tune of his own drum:)  So I got mad at him and plopped him down.  To which he started the tears coming.  So funny.  Just keeping it real.  It is so.very.hard to photograph these kids!

I hope to be back to blogging again very soon.  But if it's another 6-9 months, I hope this will keep you happy in the meantime:)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Pictures

Because I love any excuse to take pictures of my kids, I did a Christmas photo shoot with them for fun.  I had a friend come over one morning and take some pictures of her little girl too.  Sawyer wasn't really feeling very "model-esq" this morning and was less than pleased that I was using him again to take pictures.  Parker sure had a good time though:) 

Warning:  this post is entirely Parker and Sawyer.  But the older two were at school, I wasn't intentionally keeping them out:)

And I love the pictures.  While I don't necessarily have any use for all of them other than scrapbook purposes, I think I will have to do this every year.  And next year I might even try to include the older two;)


Monday, December 16, 2013


I decided back earlier this fall that we needed some current family pictures.  We have few pictures (at least good ones) of our family of 6.  Considering the sixth member of our family is almost one, that's a little sad:)  So, I was on a mission to get some current pictures of our family for Christmas cards.  That's why I didn't share more of them sooner....I was waiting until I got our Christmas card sent out.  That's checked off the list (however, finishing christmas shopping isn't yet....) so it's time to share.  Can I just say that I was beyond please with these pictures.  We didn't have anyone to take them, so I just used my timer on my camera.  We used the Mark and Mary's pew and their backyard.  So that was all set up before.  We got there after naps, got the kids all set up and then I got the camera set to where we could all been seen and straight:)  Then I ran into the picture.  So enjoy a few of our pictures.  Sometime (hopefully before Sawyer is 2) I plan on getting a few of these pictures up in the house:)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Making Dreams Come True

AKA: Finally taking our train obsessed 5 year old on a train ride!

Back in the middle of November we took a whirlwind trip (really....we were only gone 36 hrs!) to Branson, MO with the kids.  We met my brother, sister in law, and our two nephews too.  We went for the sole purpose of riding the Branson Scenic Railway Polar Express train ride.  Eli has never been on a train before, but I'm pretty sure he dreams about it about 100 times a day.  So, when I saw a billboard when we were there this summer, advertising the polar express ride, I knew we needed to go.  Branson isn't an awful drive for us and I knew we could make it a fun, but short trip.  So I asked my brother if he would be interested in going with us too.

Fast forward to the big day.  FINALLY!  Eli was so excited.  We left for Branson around 6 and got in right at 11.  We got to do a little shopping at one of the outlet malls and let the kids walk around and burn off some energy.  Then we headed to the hotel for naps for the little boys.  And the big kids got to go swimming at the hotel pool.  Which also had some pretty sweet, and big, slides.  I'm pretty sure they were too small to go down any of them, even with daddy, but I think they still had a blast.  After naps (or lack there-of for Parker) we headed to the train station for the big event!  Eli was pretty excited!

So the pictures...... 

Overall the train ride was pretty cool.  In reality I actually thought it was totally lame and a waste of money, but the kids had fun.  That's what we were there for:)  I only thought it was lame because the train literally just went back and forth on the track.  The kids didn't really even know the difference once it turned dark:)  And I hated it because we had to keep the kids in the their seats the whole time.  I get it, it's a safety thing, but seriously, the ride was a bit over an hour.  It is very challenging to keep 6 kids, 5 and under, in their seats for an hour.  Especially the two year old and 10 month old!  But again the kids had a blast.  They got a cookie and hot chocolate, a bell from santa, got to sit on santa's lap, see  dancing elves, see lights, and listen to the polar express story.  A fun evening!  After the train we headed back to the hotel with the kiddos because they were beyond tired and poor Sawyer wanted to have some freedom to crawl!  And the kids got to watch cable in their bunk beds, in their own little bunk nook....they thought that was pretty cool:)  

The next morning we packed up, checked out, grabbed breakfast, and headed home!  It was a fast and fun trip!  Next year we are just going to spend the day at Silver Dollar City and see the lights:)