Thursday, November 3, 2011

The lazy way to decorate a pumpkin

Let me be up front from the beginning.....I hate Halloween. In my opinion it's the dumbest holiday, and if we didn't celebrate it, there would be no tears shed by me. BUT, it is cute to see the kids dressed up in costumes:) So despite my dislike for the holiday, every year we get our obligatory pumpkins to carve. Only I also hate carving pumpkins. Geez, I'm such a scrooge, aren't I? Our poor children:) It's not that I don't actually like the look of carved pumpkins, I do, it's just that it grosses me out to touch the "guts" of the pumpkin. Not really my idea of fun. So we went the lazy route this year with the kids. It was probably a good thing too, because this way they could actually both be totally involved in the decoration of their pumpkins. They got to paint their pumpkins. It was a pretty big hit. I just had to bite my tongue and let them get busy crafting and not try to make everything perfect....not the pumpkins, just the paint and themselves....all those colors got mixed ,hard for me to be okay with that!:)

At this point I said to Brian, "this is why I don't craft with our kids." Kamdyn is a very messy artist. But she was sure funny. They were stripped down to diapers because I knew they'd make a mess. But Kamdyn would get some paint on her fingers, look at them, and then proceed to wipe her hands on her chest. She was quite the beautiful painting when she was done. Her pumpkin was too:)
We even had daddy decorate his own pumpkin for us.
This will probably be the tradition in our house for several years to come. So much cleaner than carving!!

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