Friday, September 26, 2014


I figured since it's been several weeks, it was time I posted something new:) 

We got a trampoline for the backyard.  We (meaning me) have been wanting a big one for a while.  The kids had a little one for several years that they loved.  It got torn up so we had to throw it away, and I've wanted to upgrade it since then.  So, I finally bugged Brian enough and made it happen!  And the kids love it (so far....a week and a half in;))!  It's so fun to watch them jump on it.  Or half prance/run around if you are Sawyer.  Our kids have some mad jumping skills.....Eli has a pretty sweet flip and has recently started doing a "flip twist" (his words) with a twist while he flips.  Seriously way more talented than me.  Or maybe he's just more daring and adventurous than me.  I'm pretty afraid I might not make it all the way around and break my neck if I try, so I leave the flipping up to the kids.  I do have a mean butt bounce though;)

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