Thursday, November 4, 2010


I figured I should get some halloween pictures up before Thanksgiving, so here you go. We didn't really go "trick or treating" this year. I figure Eli is still too young to know the difference so we might as well get out of it as long as we can (and he definitely doesn't need the sugar. Heck, who am I kidding...I have poor self control, I would have eaten most of it and I REALLY don't need it!). Besides, he won't even say trick or treat....that's kind of the whole point (besides looking so adorable all dressed up). So, we loaded the kids up and went "trick or treating" to see family. Eli was Thomas the train (is this a big surprise with his on-going obsession:)), and Kamdyn was a bunny. Eli was less than thrilled with wearing his costume. He may love Thomas, but he didn't really want to wear him around. Every time we put it on him, he just said, "" We had to bribe him with the promise of candy to wear it to the door so grandmas and grandpas could see him:) His costume was big enough I think he will even get to be Thomas again next year unless he just really hates it. So, enjoy the pictures of our less than enthusiastic children on Halloween:) (Kamdyn gave plenty of smiles, she just wasn't sure why the heck I kept dressing her up.)

Our happy little Thomas
Seriously mom, you had to put up the ears?!?!

We went to my dad's house to and met my brother and sis-in-law and nephew. This was about the best picture we got of all three of the kids:)

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