Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Fun

I hate snow. Truly I do. Sure it's pretty. But it's cold, and wet, and slippery. I'm not really a fan. I'd much rather be warm and cozy and dry. However, the kids love snow, so it's fun to watch them enjoy the pretty white stuff I so despise. Eli had a blast in the snow last year. We bundled the kids up this morning and took them out. Kamdyn kind of reminded me of Ralphy's little brother on a Christmas story. She sure looked cute though:)
Eli wasn't having anything to do with the sled at first, so I decided to put Kamdyn in first and send her down the drive. She loved it. Whenever the sled would slow down, she'd try to scoot herself. Pretty funny. (Btw, I realize this picture is bad, that's what happens when I'm trying to pick out of very small thumbnails:))
This is what Eli did this for quite a while before he finally braved the sled this year. He just walked up and down the driveway and walked through snow piles first.
Once he got on the sled, he had a blast. We loaded both kids up and pushed them down. They had a blast. Eli kept asking for more as soon as they reached the end of the driveway.
Despite the faces she's making, Kamdyn had a blast too:)

Even though hate snow, I'm glad we had enough snow for the kids to go outside and play. Now that we've checked that off our list, the snow can melt and it can get warmer again:)

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  1. OMG! I really love these photos! The kids look SO darn cute!!!!