Monday, June 27, 2011

Must see

Warning: This post has lots of pictures because I had a VERY hard time picking just a few to put up here. They were all so good and I had way too many favorites.

Last week, my amazing friend, Allison, took some pictures of me and the kids. She is just trying to get better at her photography and likes to practice on people other than her adorable little boy (because let's be honest, trying to get your own kids to cooperate for you all the time when you are trying to practice is impossible!) She asked if she could do some pictures of us, and I very gladly accepted. So glad I did! She did such an awesome job. Our kids aren't exactly the easiest photography subjects. They are adorable, but very unwilling to work with you most the time. She was very patient with them and got some great shots despite their stubbornness (wonder where they got that?) Enjoy!

PS. One of these days you are going to have an overload of posts from me catching you up on all the summer fun we've been having around here. We are still in the process of the basement finishing, and I have no idea where my camera cord is right now, so I can't dump any of my pictures to update you all. Just be patient with me!

I just really like this picture for some reason.....something about feet I guess, and Eli just has some pretty awesome shoes:)

So sweet! Wish they were this loving to each other all the time. Definitely not the case, but these two do love each other like crazy.

Here's the growing belly at 31 weeks

I have to say, the one thing I miss about the belly after the baby is born is the built in shelf I have for the kids. Not sure that he likes being used as a shelf, but it sure is easy for me:)

Thanks Allison for taking such great pictures!!