Sunday, June 12, 2011

Park Fun

Ok, so these pictures are from several weeks ago.... I meant to share them then, but kept forgetting. And since we are in the process of finishing the basement (can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!!!), I haven't dumped any new pictures from my camera recently. But don't worry, we will have lots of pictures to come in the weeks ahead! Anyways, several weeks ago, the kids and I met my good friend, Liz and her little boy Grey, at the park. It was super muggy that day, but otherwise, the weather wasn't too bad. We went to the playground in our old neighborhood. It's just awesome! It's one of the few things I really miss about our old house....I loved the park. We figured it would be way less busy than Sedgwick county, so we opted for the smaller park with less chasing of the boys. I'm so glad we did too. Kamdyn had a blast, and the boys loved running around and being boys together as well. I love when we get together with Liz and Grey....Grey is Eli's best friend, and they just run off and play so well together (for the most part, most of the time:)) that we don't have to worry about them too much, and I can actually keep an eye on Kamdyn and not have to worry about what Eli is getting into.

So here's some photos.....I will warn you that a good majority of these might be of Kamdyn:) That's for a number of reasons.....1) Eli was way too busy running around and playing with Grey for me to get many pictures of him 2) Eli is my kid 100% when it comes to photos.....he hates getting his picture taken and will avoid the camera at all costs. He's recently started telling me to stop taking pictures everytime I pull the camera out and aim it on him....does this sound familiar, mom?:) 3) Kamdyn is just so dang adorable that I have to get lots of pictures of her too. She's the typical 2nd child, and most of her pictures have her brother in them, so I try to get pictures of just her when I have the chance. 4) I have yet to scrapbook anything about having fun at the park for Kamdyn:), so I gotta stockpile up some pictures!!
This little one is getting so good on stairs! It's impressive too because she has the shortest little legs. So stairs are half the height of her shrimp legs, that makes climbing very difficult at times!
She's getting even better at going down the stairs which is great! Makes my life a whole lot easier that I don't have to worry about her getting to the top and just standing up and turning around and falling down the stairs. She's got the bottom slide down pat.
He's humoring me here. Either that, or I was just really fast and ready for my camera for the nano second that he would actually look at me:)

He just likes to climb up the slides these days. Who needs stairs?

This was the cutest thing ever, however, I didn't get a very good picture of it...Kamdyn was sitting on the bridge trying to make herself bounce. The boys came over and sandwiched her in and started bouncing up and down to make her bounce:) She was loving it.


  1. It was a fun day!! I love that park too! Too bad Grey ruined his clothes from the "tire water" :) Let's go back again when its dry please!!!!

  2. Super cute photos! Those kids are so dang cute!