Saturday, April 14, 2012


So I had every intention of showing some Easter pictures to you all....but apparently they haven't made it onto my jump drive yet. So you will just have to settle for some pictures of recent happenings around here!

We have been loving the warm weather, and have been spending lots of time outside. Lots of time at the park with friends. Soaking up that vitamin D! Loving it too. This kind of weather makes me so happy:)

Parker went in the swing for the first time.....he's getting so big!!
Checking out the "zoo" at riverside park. Really it's mostly birds and turtles, but the kids think it's cool. And I think that park is pretty sweet too.
Picking flowers:) Someday he will realize that these weeds are everywhere and you can't get rid of them if your life depended on it. For now, it's cute to see him get excited about picking flowers for me:)

Such beautiful blue eyes!

The kids and their pal Conrad.

Throwing rocks in the water. Life is good. Thanks Derek for picking rocks out for them over and over for 30 minutes!!Hoping lots more of this beautiful weather is in our future. Gotta take it while we can.....I have a feeling it's going to be hot hot hot this summer! (Makes me SO thankful that I'm not huge and pregnant this year!!!)

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