Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Pictures

Back in May :)(Memorial day to be exact), we had some family pictures taken by my good friend Allison.  She did a great job as always.  The kids did really great.  They are not real good about being cooperative to pictures.  It always seems to help that they know and love Allison (and it helps that she had her son there "helping" too and was a distraction to our kiddos because Conrad is their pal.  Anyways, they did good considering Kamdyn was having the meltdown of all meltdowns before we started.  I'm talking major tatrum.  And it was so. stinking. hot.  But it's was better than it is right now.  Just not a lot of breeze moving.  Enough of my babbling.  Onto the pictures!

After having these pictures taken, I was in love and also wanting to attempt to do some pictures of my own.  I love photography and capturing all moments, so I wanted to give taking some pictures (of subjects other than my kids:)) a shot.  So we used some of our best friends and their adorable kiddos.  Pretty sure they will be family some day, so it was good practice:)  Parker is already promised to little miss Violet, and Kamdyn has a thing for Grey (she likes older men- Grey is Eli's bff).  It was so much fun taking pictures of other people!  And I might be biased, but I was proud of how my editing and everything turned out.  So if you are interested, scroll on down and see a few of my favorites (although they had many many more I loved!  Photogenic family:))

I need some more practice, so if you want some pictures taken, let me know:)


  1. I want some pictures taken, missy! We'll be home this Saturday!!!!! WAnt to see you all!

  2. Love the way they turned out friend!! You can shoot us anytime!! And not just with nerf guns now! hahaha!