Saturday, July 21, 2012

How about I do a little blogging

Since my kids aren't sleeping, I decided I'd blog.  I remember the days when it was quiet and peaceful in my house for at least 2 hours.  Now, Eli doesn't nap ever (which is really ok, other than the fact that he finds that time to come and ask me 7,000 questions), Kamdyn takes forever to go to sleep and then wakes up unhappy, and Parker gives me 45-1 hour to myself.  But I will take what I can complaining....just fondly remembering:) Someday they will all be in school anyways.  Just gotta hang in there a few more years....

Anyways, I have plenty of other things to blog about, but I think I will do 4th of July first.  Then I will go back and fill in with all the fun other happenings of our summer.  

This year's 4th of July was a lot better than last year.  Last year wasn't even bad, I was just in a bad mood.  And I was hot, had a cold, and was nice and pregnant.  Awesome combination.  This year, I was just in a good mood, so it make the holiday a lot better!  We ended up going over to Granny and Papa's house for some swimming and eating with family.  The kids love to swim.  Too bad for them I kind of hate it.  We don't go much, so they were having a blast.  Add to the mix the fact that they had cousins there to play with too and they were in heaven.  

We didn't shoot off a single firework.  Or popper, or sparkler.  It might make us slightly un-American, but I was fine with the lack of fireworks in my life.  Eli was terrified of them last year, so I just didn't care too much.  Not to mention he was super tired from being up early and swimming hard.  So we went home at 7, the kids watched a movie, and Eli feel asleep on the couch and didn't make a peep through all the fireworks.  So awesome.  That's my kind of holiday!

Some pictures for you......

The kid shot.  I should put all the outtakes on here because they are pretty funny, but for now I will just stick with a good one.  And they are all looking.  Success!  No one is smiling, but I see three pairs of eyes.  Woo Hoo!!
 The cousins.  Getting all of these kiddos to look at the camera and/or cooperate is nearly impossible, but I still enjoy getting all the kids in the shot.

 Hanging out with granny-great and papa great.

 These pictures are backwards.....we did this stuff first, in the morning.  We went over to Eli's best friend, Grey's house, to go on their neighborhood 4th of July parade.  Not real exciting, but the kids had fun, and that's all that really matters.  They got to ride their bikes following a firetruck.  We rode/walked back to the pool area and then they got little prizes and popsicles.  Good times!

That's all there was to our holiday.  Nothing too exciting, but fun times.  We will see what next year is like.  It's bound to get more crazy each year.

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