Monday, August 20, 2012

First hair cut

I have lots of pictures to share from birthday parties for the boys' this past month.  But apparently I don't have those pictures on my computer:)  So until I do that, you can enjoy something that happened before all the birthday madness.....Parker's first hair cut! 

His hair was getting kind of long and crazy, so I decided it was time for his first little trim.  I always put this off as long as possible because my boys instantly look like big boys when they get their hair cut.  I'm not ready for this one to be a big boy yet:)  It's going to happen regardless of what I want, but I was putting this off to keep him my baby a bit longer.  My wonderful friend and hair stylist, Sage, stopped by to do a little cut.  Parker wasn't really enjoying the whole process.  Eli cried his first hair cut too....not really sure why.  Certainly doesn't hurt!  Either way, he wasn't a fan.  We gave him goldfish thinking if he had food to distract him it wouldn't be as big of deal.  Didn't really work.  Just ensured that we got to see chewed up goldfish when he opened his mouth to wail:)  But he survived.  I didn't end up getting an after picture because I eventually had to put him on my lap.  And of course, after all my worrying about him looking all grown up (he did), because it's already grown back out.  Time for another cut I guess!

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