Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Train Museum

We made our yearly trek to the Train Museum again.  I always tell Brian that we need to start going to this place in the fall, but somehow we still only ever make it in the heat of summer.  I've got to say, this year was way better than last year though.  Still hot....probably in the mid-90's, but that's better than 102:)  Eli still loves this place.  And Kamdyn is starting to think it's pretty awesome too.  Poor girl, she's much more used to playing with boy toys than little girl things:)  It was a fun morning.  I'm thankful this place isn't huge because it always gets so hot!  We are able to see everything and get out before we start melting on the spot.  Until next summer (unless we actually manage to go sometime this fall).....

I think one of Eli's favorite parts of the whole trip was being able to watch a big train go by.  Those things are so big and loud.   But he loved watching it from just a few feet away.  Kamdyn on the other hand wasn't so much of a fan.  She told me it was too loud and it scared her:)
 Parker was there too.  Being cute and so good.  Just playing with his beads.....he's got the life!

 This is the face I get when I tell the kids to look at me and smile.  They say "CHEESE"  But I somehow always just manage to get them in their mid-cheese statement:)

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