Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beating the heat

I realize that any attempts to keep this blog updated have failed.  Life with four littles keeps me busy and I often reach the end of the day wondering where it went.  This is not always a bad thing, because while I love our kids, there are just some days I'd like to forget:) So in an attempt to keep you all up to date on what are kids are doing/actually look like now, I'm just going to forge ahead with our current events.  Maybe someday I will fill in the gaps:)

Two things about this post:  1. Eli was at VBS. That's why he isn't in any pictures.
2.  I realize a lot of these are of Parker....he was just staying in one place more than his sister.

It's been warming up around here, so we've been finding ways to cool off and fill our morning.  We met some friends at the fountains in New Market square a couple of weeks ago.  I wondered how they would like them.  We haven't been since last year, and Eli and Kamdyn were pretty timid and unsure of them.  Parker on the other hand crawled right in:)  This year was totally different.  Eli wasn't there, but Kamdyn and Parker wasted no time in going right in.  Parker was cracking me up with how much he would get into the fountain.  One of our friends brought some cups, and he was just having a blast trying to fill it up and dump it on the grass.  Over.  And over. And over.  Something tells me we will be visiting the fountains a lot more frequently this summer.  If mommy can handle the heat, that is.  Otherwise I just might have to play in the fountains too:)

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