Monday, December 16, 2013


I decided back earlier this fall that we needed some current family pictures.  We have few pictures (at least good ones) of our family of 6.  Considering the sixth member of our family is almost one, that's a little sad:)  So, I was on a mission to get some current pictures of our family for Christmas cards.  That's why I didn't share more of them sooner....I was waiting until I got our Christmas card sent out.  That's checked off the list (however, finishing christmas shopping isn't yet....) so it's time to share.  Can I just say that I was beyond please with these pictures.  We didn't have anyone to take them, so I just used my timer on my camera.  We used the Mark and Mary's pew and their backyard.  So that was all set up before.  We got there after naps, got the kids all set up and then I got the camera set to where we could all been seen and straight:)  Then I ran into the picture.  So enjoy a few of our pictures.  Sometime (hopefully before Sawyer is 2) I plan on getting a few of these pictures up in the house:)

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