Monday, December 2, 2013


I'm doing something totally out of the ordinary for me and blogging about Thanksgiving before Christmas:)  Then I will go back and fill in.  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We spent it with family and had lots of food.  We are lucky enough to have our our immediate family here in town so we don't have to travel during the holiday.  It's sort of totally fabulous!  We had a low key morning around the house and even got out for a family walk and to soak up some sunshine.  We started our Thanksgiving festivities over at Brian's parent's house.  We had our traditional thanksgiving meal there.  The kids ate a little and ran around and played with their cousins all afternoon.  They were in heaven.  They LOVE playing with their cousins!  And even though we live in the same town, it doesn't happen nearly often enough.  So they soak up any time they get with them:)  

 And Aunt Erin made these fabulous little workbooks with fun little thanksgiving worksheets in them.  The older kids really enjoyed working on them for a while.

 And then they had to head to the basement.....because no trip to granny and papa's is complete without slot cars and trains.  This kept them entertained for a very long time.

 The girls ran off at one point and decided to make themselves "pretty."  Which in case you were wondering involves head bands and band aids:)

 Love these two sweet girls.  It's a bunch of boys in this family, so these two gotta stick together!  Cant wait to see their relationship blossom even more as they grow together.
 And the obligatory cousin picture.  Erin and I decided that this is going to have to become a yearly tradition whether they like it or not:)  I figure it can only get easier from here!!  Next year Sawyer will hopefully not being trying to crawl off.  Such a cute bunch of kids!

After granny and papa's house, we headed to my mom's house for meal number 2.  However this one wasn't a traditional thanksgiving meal.  Bierocks, tatertots and fresh fruit.  YUM!  Their cousins weren't able to be there for this meal, so our kids just soaked up the attention all to themselves:)  Aunt Claire painted Kamdyn's fingernails which made her very happy.

 And Sawyer helped with the dishes:)

After that we headed home for some pj's and movie time!  Great end to a fabulous day with our family. We are richly blessed in so many ways, but our wonderful families definitely top that list and getting to spend the day with them is always one of our favorite things.

Hope you all stuffed yourself and had a wonderful holiday with your families as well!!

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