Saturday, May 30, 2015

Preschool Program

This year the preschool the kiddos go to had a music program.  Eli was at the ECC (early childhood center) for two years too, but they never did anything like this.  I'm not gonna lie.  It was pretty sweet.  The kids have music once a week, so they've been working on these songs/actions all year long.  I hear them every week while Im waiting on them to get done with school, but I don't usually stick my head in to watch.  So it was pretty cute to watch.  And fairly impressive.  This 3, 4, and 5 year olds know there stuff!  I was most surprised at Parker.....he actually hates music, and usually just sits there.  In fact, I've been told usually he gets upset and refuses to go at music time (have a mentioned Parker is a VERY stubborn kiddo) and they have to do quite a bit of coaxing.  Anyways, Parker stood up there and sang and did all the actions.  He was cracking me up because between ever single song, he would yell, "Hi mommy!" "Hi, Sawyer!" and wave as big as he could.  Funny kiddo.

Kamdyn just rocked it.  She's so shy and quiet, but she likes being up on stage.  And she did a great job too.  So fun to watch my kiddos.  And a bonus was that they were at the same time, so I didn't have to run back and forth between their programs and spring parties.  Next year, I only have one preschooler.  It's gonna be so relaxing when it comes to party times:)  But, I am only going to have one kiddo home with  me all day most of the week, which will be kind of sad, and a total adjustment for me.  So, now that school is out, we are just going to enjoy the summertime!

Here's some pictures of their program

These pictures are a little out of order.  The ones with the teachers were taken after the program, but for some reason they are snuck in here.  So anyways.....

This is Kamdyn with Miss Kelly.  She is the Para in her room.
 And Miss Tammy.  This is Kamdyn's teacher.  She was Eli's first preschool teacher.  And she's totally awesome.  We love her.  And I'm really hoping all the kids can have her before she retires:)
 This is Miss Ashley.  She is the speech pathologist in Parker's room.  So he gets to work with her one on one a little bit each week.  She is also totally fabulous.  Parker loves her (when he isn't being stubborn:))
 And Miss Crystal.  This is Parker's teacher (also, this was Eli's teacher last year....are you sensing a theme:))  I know it won't surprise you when I say she's awesome.  My kids hit the teacher jackpot every year.  But the two who work with Parker are something special.  Like I said, Parker is a very stubborn kid....and they love him and work so well with him.  He has come such a long way since the start of the school year, and it's all thanks to these two ladies (and the other para's in his room).  They are so good with him and great at redirecting or distracting him when he gets upset or is in one of his moods and doesn't want to do anything or be a good listener.  I never worried about leaving him behind if he was having a fit because I knew they would handle it in no time flat.

There you have it.  Preschool music program at it's finest:)

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