Friday, May 22, 2015

Kindergarten Music Program

The end of the year, always brings all the fun end of year activities and programs out.  Eli's Kindergarten program, Kinderific, was the kickstart to our end of year activities.  It was exactly what you would expect a kindergarten music program to be.  Totally cheesy, a total riot, incredibly tone deaf, and adorably cute.  It was so cute to watch those kids up there.  They were all having so much fun and worked so hard.  You could tell they just loved some of the songs they were singing.  I was just cracking up through half of it because it was so cheesy and cute.  But It was so fun to watch Eli.  And so fun to see all the kids' personalities when they get up to perform for their parents and grandparents.  There's really not much more to say on was just cute:)  Eli is in a red shirt if you are having a hard time finding him......
Here's to the start of many many more cheesy school music programs to come!

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