Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

We had a good 4th of July over here at the Hutton household. We were originally supposed to go down to the farm to ride four wheelers and shoot off some fireworks, but the rain all day kept us home instead. We figured we didn't want to go mudding on the four wheelers (Brian and I got stuck in the mud 6 years ago on the 4th when we were at the farm, right after we got engaged. I had to get off and walk so we could get the four wheeler out:)). So instead of the farm, everyone came over to our place and we ate dinner and did some fireworks from the driveway. We didn't have anything too crazy, just some smoke bombs, sparklers, and poppers. Eli was definitely not sure what to think about the fireworks. He wasn't really into it at first. We kept trying to get him to step on the poppers, but he wouldn't do it. Our nephew was the complete opposite. When Brian started lighting sparklers, Eli moved as far away as he could back by the cars. After watching his cousin stop the poppers without fear, he eventually warmed up and started stepping. Kamdyn enjoyed the evening because she got lots of attention. She got to see the fireworks from lots of different arms so she was in heaven. She
loves when people come over and she gets spoiled!

This was Eli's face for about the first 20 minutes we were outside with the sparklers and smoke bombs. He backed up as far as he could and wouldn't go closer with any of us for a while.

James and Eli watching the sparklers.

Kamdyn was very excited about the sparklers and poppers.
Finally decided the little poppers were pretty cool.
Looks like I had James in a headlock:). Really, we were just trying to get a cute picture because he kept crawling up on my lap. He's such a little wiggle worm! These boys have SO much energy.

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