Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great Plains Transportation Museum

Last weekend we took Eli to the Great Plains Transportation Museum downtown. Eli is so crazy about Trains I thought he would go crazy. I found a coupon for one free admission, so I thought we better get ourselves the the museum before it expired. I don't think Eli was quite sure what to think. On one hand I think he loved the trains, on the other, I think they were so huge (these things were massive!) that they kind of scared him a little bit. He's used to seeing the remote control train at Granny and Papa's or trains from the car, nothing quite so big, so close. He enjoyed exploring the trains for a while, but I think it was just too much for him. Besides, it was blazin' hot outside, so I think that contributed to some of his uncertainty. It will probably be a while before we go back again....for one thing, they are only open on Saturdays (Sundays part of the year), but secondly, he threw a monster of a fit when we were leaving. Eli has thrown plenty of fits before (he rarely gets what he actually wants), but I have never seen one like this. These wheels were HUGE! Eli looked so little standing next to them. I knew trains were big, but this thing just seemed even more massive than I would have ever thought.
Kamdyn enjoyed the trains from the shade of the stroller. She had the best spot the whole morning. It was so hot in the sun, but great in the shade with a wonderful breeze.

Eli checking out the tracks behind him. We got to see a train pass by behind us once. Eli enjoyed watching that train go by so close.

4th of July pictures to come!

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