Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Wheels

Eli got some new wheels for his birthday. His feet don't quite touch the peddles, so he doesn't really do much "riding", but it's still a pretty sweet little bike. Added bonus......there are tons of buttons to push, every kid's dream.
Kamdyn enjoyed her brother's bike too. Actually, I think she just likes all the buttons and noises it makes. It's probably a good thing she can't stay on this thing by herself yet. I'm just imagining the fights that might possibly break out between our two when she gets older....yikes...


  1. i just saw your comment on my blog! thank you! good to see you today, babe.
    sorry i just now saw your comment. i don't get emailed when people comment.

  2. I gotta get one of those for Mr. Munchkin some day!