Friday, May 27, 2011

Splish splash

Monday was hot. Well, maybe it wasn't actually that hot temperature wise, don't really know, but it was sunny, and muggy, and there was no breeze (a rarity for us here recently!). So this mamma was hot!! So after a morning sweating it out at the park with some friends, the kids and I went to wal-mart and picked up a cheap-o ten dollar plastic pool. We filled it up and went outside to play in it after naps. The water was freezing, of course. I don't know how our kids even managed to get into it, but they were happy in the freezing water. Well, let me specify....Kamdyn was happy standing in the beginning....then she slipped and would have nothing to do with being in that pool. She was happy to splash around in the water, but she had to be on my lap. Eli started up standing in the water, then eventually was happy sitting in it. Again, I'm not sure how they manage to do this. I was having a hard enough time standing in it! I have a feeling this little pool will get plenty of use this summer. Maybe Kamdyn will even get brave enough to get back in it one of these days:)

What is it about kids and drinking water out of anything! The kids both love to drink bath water by the gallon full, the pool was no exception for Eli. He also discovered a love of making a "fountain" of water after he filled his mouth full. That pool water just kept getting better and better......a little bit of water, some grass, sand, dirt, and spit....fabulous!

Still unsure of the whole pool thing, but she did like splashing her hands in it.
Then she decided that she was over the water and just wanted to climb the deck stairs. Until I stopped her. She can go up fine, but she's not the best at going down yet, she can, but it makes me nervous when it's a bunch of wood steps and a concrete slab at the bottom; not a very soft landing for her!

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