Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just my baby

This is probably the most pictures Parker will ever have of just him:) Sorry of the third child, you always gotta share! My wonderful friend Allison agreed to take some newborn pictures of Parker. I just wanted a few pictures to document him at this stage in life (plus we had newborn pics done for the other two and I do try to be fair and equal....AND, it was a great excuse to spend some time with Allison:)). She did an awesome job this summer taking pictures of our stubborn kids and some belly shots for me, and she didn't disappoint this time either. Newborns are hard. It's not like you can make them pose for you, or smile, or even really cooperate. You just gotta hope they are happy and take lots and lots of shot to get the good ones. Sadly, Parker wasn't happy. Well, he was until we undressed him. Then he was just pretty much ticked until I fed him. That's the life of a baby I guess. Allison still got some great pictures. Here are a few. I couldn't pick favorites because I love them all. Thanks Allison!!

Isn't he handsome?!?
We have lots of this in our house....crying. One of the three, or often times all of them, is almost always crying. It's tough being a kid and not getting your way!

I can't handle the cuteness of baby feet. So sweet!

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