Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who says you can't do a gingerbread house in September....

Apparently the gingerbread gods do.......this project was a disaster from the start (yes, that's the train engine leaning, it's not the angle of my picture)!Last year after Christmas I saw a gingerbread train on sale. Eli had so much fun doing his first gingerbread house that I decided I should get this and save it for another time. Plus, he's obsessed with trains, so I figured it would be a great project to do with the kids (Kamdyn was old enough this time to help:)). Well, the kids had a ton of fun, but mom sure didn't. I have to say from the start, that I will never again buy a gingerbread anything that is not already pre-assembled. I think that was the biggest problem with the train. It was up to me to get the train put together and ready to decorate. I figured it would be easy and fast.......wrong! First I broke a few of the pieces so that they were jagged and not all the same size when I was breaking them apart like the directions said. That made it very hard to actually connect them together with frosting because the ends didn't even all reach each other:) Oops! Then, the frosting was super hard to work with and didn't spread out easy at all. It was sort of like glue, so you would think that it would make the pieces stick together....wrong again! I could not get the pieces to stay together. They just kept falling over or coming unstuck no matter how much frosting I used to try to make it stick. I eventually gave up, let the train win, and told the kids they could come decorate. Like I said, they had fun, which is really all that matters. I had to stand guard though.....if they pushed too hard on the engine when they put candy on, it started tipping. So I had to "straighten" it about every 45 seconds.

Finished product. Please don't judge:) I don't expect anyone to go riding on our train (if mom's in charge of putting it together that is!) Looks pretty cute from here. I just didn't get an up close shot so you could see the disaster. I said, this project was a disaster from the start. Five minutes after we finished, this is what happened to our beautiful train. Dominos. I fixed it once, hoping it would stay. It didn't....two minutes later, it was reduced to rubble once again. So, it met our friend trashcan last night.
And this is what the littlest Hutton did while we slaved away. Well, I guess I should say this is what he did after two screaming fits, one sibling love fest (those two can't keep their hands off of him if he's within reaching distance), two attempted location moves to bring about happiness:), and one diaper blowout (his first ever.....was just thinking the day before that I was impressed because he hadn't had any diaper blowouts....Eli and Kamdyn had them all the time. So, since I thought it, the diaper blowout happened). Isn't he cute!

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  1. So stinkin cute! Impressed that you tried the gingerbread project!