Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hayrack Ride

Last Saturday we enjoyed a fun family outing at OJ Watson Park. Our MAPS (mothers and preschoolers) group had a hayrack ride and hot dog cookout planned. So it was just our excuse to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and spend some time with some great friends. I remember going to OJ Watson park as a kid, but I forgot how cool this place was! They have ponies you can ride, a train you can ride, and paddle boats. It all costs a little, but its still cool. The train was a huge hit with Eli, as you can imagine. It was the first thing he and daddy had to do when we got there. And he's still talking about it and when we can go back.

While the boys went on the train, Kamdyn and I stayed back at the campfire to do some coloring with a sleeping Parker. She was impressed....can you tell:)
The train ride! They went right by us, so we were able to see them and wave. The tracks also made for a fun place for the kids to play on.
On the hayrack ride. It was very challenging to get the kids to sit close enough to me for this picture....hence the reason I was "helping" them get close enough. Looks like the kids all have the same look on their faces. HA!
These two are pals:) I think they must be sharing some serious secrets. This relationship works so well because Eli still does pretty much everything Elliot tells him too.....wonder how it will change if he starts getting his own ideas:)
Kamdyn, our little lap hopper. She loves mommy's friends. Allison is her favorite:)
But she loves any and all open mommy laps. Such a snuggler!

Parker was there too! So handsome

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  1. Super cute photos! And, I am so thankful you called it a hayrack ride! Clint made fun of me because I called it that! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one!!!!! Love you!