Saturday, October 1, 2011

Miss Fix It

"My wheel's broken, sissy, my wheel's broken!......"
(this is what Eli does whenever he's riding his bike outside.....he rides it down the driveway, gets to the flat part, and calls for his sister to come help him out)

Kamdyn to the rescue! She quickly assess the situation......
Then works her magic.........
And pushes the wheels back to the ground for her brother...this girl's amazing......don't know what we'd do around here without her car mechanic skills;)
Then Eli is off on his way again until the next ride around.

PS. Please ignore the fact that my children are running around without pants on.....we DO own pants for them, I promise:) It was just after naps (I take their pants off during nap time, just seems more comfortable to me......don't worry, when I nap, I leave my pants on:)) and it was actually pretty warm this day. I figure I gotta let Eli run free for as long as I can. This is the last year he will be able to get away with no pants on outside.....somehow it just doesn't seem right to let my kids run around outside with underwear on( and I'm praying to the big guy above that this kid (hopefully two of them) are potty trained by no pants time next year!). But that's right, diapers are ok:)

At least Kamdyn has shoes on....there may be no hope for Eli.

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