Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Klausmeyer Dairy Farm and Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we got to take our first ever visit to Klausmeyer Dairy farm. We were celebrating the kids' pal, Griffin, second birthday. How cool is that party idea?!? Sorry kids, your mama isn't nearly that creative and we probably won't have fun birthdays like that until you are 10:) We had an awesome time despite the fact that it was crazy windy and even rained. Gotta love Kansas! Of course that stuff never phases the kids, it's just the adults that grumble about it (however, I don't think anyone was grumbling about the much needed rain)

The kiddos were watching a cow milking demonstration. This held their attention for about a nano second. Conrad (the one in white next to Kamdyn) was the first to stray. The others slowly followed him.
Isn't she cute?!? Good thing too, because this one is a firecracker and drives her mama crazy:)

I've decided that I should probably just invest in some old bleachers for the backyard. The boys climbed all over these things for the longest time.
This is a sign I think I need in the house:)
Conrad and cute:) He used to pick on her, now I think he likes her:) She's forgotten his past transgressions on her and they are becoming quick pals.
Eli and Grey, bff's, just dancing to the music. Grey was showing Eli all his best moves:)
Pig races....enough said
Picking out the perfect pumpkin. I was in the house (out of the wind) feeding Parker and Kamdyn was with me, so Eli and daddy got to this part of the party by themselves (well, with all of Eli's pals, but without us:))
Grey and Eli making their way through the hay maze. Didn't get to experience this part either. I probably would have gotten us lost:)


  1. Our bff's are so cute together!! And Kamdyn did look too cute that day!!