Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swim Lessons

The kids took swim lessons for the first time this summer.  They got to go for two weeks.  Best thing ever.  Last year both of them were really timid in the water.  This year, it is much much better, and I think a lot of that has to do with swim lessons.  They each got their own 30 minutes for 2 weeks.  I have to admit, I got kind of tired of them, but the kids loved them for the most part.  Some days it was kind of like pulling teeth to get them to go and swim, but really they did great.  

Kamdyn is fearless.  Last summer she had to be holding onto one of us at all times (probably didn't help that she was too small to fit into the floaties!)  This year, she is totally happy floating around by herself.  In fact, she's one you have to keep your eye on.  She has no problem just jumping into the pool, whether you are ready and waiting to catch her or not:)  Her swim lessons consisted of a lot of telling her instructor what she wanted to do:)  But really, she's two, so I didn't expect a ton out of her.  I really just wanted to get her more comfortable with the water.  Well that mission was definitely accomplished!

 Eli did an awesome job too.  He is by no means a daring kid.  He is pretty timid and not adventurous at all.  So you didn't have to worry about him just jumping in on his own:)  He can touch the bottom of the shallow end this year, and that's a huge help.  He's not nearly as scared of the water now knowing he can touch.  But he really is an awesome swimmer.  He loves to swim to the deep end(in his floaties) and climb up the ladder.  Over and over.  He is even fairly comfortable going underwater.  It's still not his favorite thing, but he doesn't freak out if it happens.

 And this little man was hanging out with us too.  He was too young for lessons, but he sure does love the water.  I had to ban him to the pool house after a while.  He is such a mover.  It's nearly impossible for this kid to sit still.  Unless he's sleeping, he's moving.  Needless to say, I got tired of holding a wiggly little monster.  So he was banned from outside.  He was cracking me up.  He was playing with toys for a while, but then discovered he could see us from the doors, so he just kept pulling himself up on the door and banging on it.  I think he was hoping I'd spring him from his prison.  Didn't happen.
 She tried to entertain him though:)

 And before he was banned, I had to take a few pictures of him.  Just because he's so cute:)

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