Sunday, July 7, 2013


I've probably said it more than 100 times, and you guys may get sick of hearing it, but we have cute babies.  I mean really cute.  It's a good thing too, because they can be a handful:)  I've already decided I may have to hire a babysitter once Brian goes back to work to help me handle all 4...I've gotten spoiled with him being home and being an extra set of hands all summer.  He often takes the older two places in the afternoon, or watches all of the older 3 while I run and do stuff.  It's been fabulous!  Anyways, enough about how fabulous my hubby is too:)  We've got cute kids, and I never really grow tired of photographing them.  Especially when they will actually look at me and let their little personalities shine through.  So much better than a picture of their back side.....

Sawyer is getting to the point where he is sitting up all by himself sometimes.  I don't leave him like that for long, since his core isn't quite strong enough yet:)  But, he does pretty awesome.  I say it's just that sturdy base he has to work with.  I had to get some pictures of the big boy showing off his new trick.  I was taking advantage of the awesome afternoon light in his room for this and the other three just happened to join me.  So as an added bonus, I got some fabulously cute pictures of them as well.  Happy day!

 This pretty much sums him up....he's always got his tongue out and drool trailing from his chin:)  And an awesome comb over.  Cuteness.

 This boy and his blue eyes and blonde hair are going to be trouble.  And that dimple.  Gets.Me.Every.Time

And this picture has nothing to do with the above picture taking.  We were at botanica one day last week and the kids were sitting at the fountain.  I have a picture of Eli and Kamdyn (when I was pregnant with Parker), taken by my friend Allison, sitting on the same wall with their feet in the water.  It is hanging up downstairs, and is one of my all time favorite pictures.  It's horribly out of date, since we are missing half our kids, but I can't stand to take it down.  So I tried to re-create it:)  Granted, it's still out of date because we don't have Sawyer's feet in it but at least we have Parker now!  And I still love it:)

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  1. I'm not sick of hearing how cute your kids are! They are really darn cute!