Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wheat Harvest

We may live in the city, but we live behind a wheat field.  We love it.  For many reasons.  First off, it is quite.  No pesky neighbors behind us (for now!!).  Second, we get to watch, from very up close, harvest season every year.  The kids go nuts when the combine starts to work in the field behind us.  Every time it passes behind our house, the kids, and Jake, all run out and watch it go by:)  Last year the kids called the combine a pinecone....this year it was a kim-bone.  Progress.  Jake likes to run along the fence and bark at the large farm equipment.  
But, that's not really even the point of this post.  We are fortunate enough to have farming in the family:)  Their Grandpa Ron farms with his family down in Udall.  It allows for our kids to get to experience something very neat. Now I say that, but we have sadly never taken the kids to the farm during wheat harvest.  Until this year.  We finally decided that the kids (well 50% of them) were old enough to really enjoy riding on the tractor and combine and would actually enjoy the trip instead of being scared.  It was a good call on our part.  We met up with Grandpa Ron at the farm and the kids were able to ride with him on the tractor to one of the fields they were cutting.  Parker even got to ride in the tractor for a little bit.  He is all boy and loves dirt, cars, trucks, ect, so he was in heaven.  But he did get a little scared riding in the tractor since Brian and I didn't go with him.  After that they got to go to another field and hop on the combine and help finish cutting a field.  Parker stayed behind, but was perfectly content just watching the combine.  We even got to see Uncle John driving one of the semi trucks hauling wheat.  It was a pretty quick trip due to feeding schedules and bedtime of our littlest:)  But it was still so worth it!  The kids even got to ride the four-wheeler with daddy a little bit.  It was crazy since they were all trying to finish up harvest, but we have plans to go back later this summer and spend more time when Grandpa can be around a bit more and we have more time. The kids are still talking about it.....I love to see their enthusiasm for things:)  I hope their joy for all the little things never changes!

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