Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Table Rock

*Warning....this post has lots of pictures!

This past weekend we traveled to Eagle Rock, MO with family to my mom's lake house.  She and my step dad got a house down there just down the street from Table Rock lake.  It is pretty fabulous.  I still think I will enjoy it far more as the kids get older, but they love it, even now!  It's only an hour from Branson, so it's pretty easy to drive in for some Branson fun too.  We left Friday morning, got in and settled, and headed out to the lake to spend some time on the water on a pontoon boat my mom rented for the day.  The kids all thought it was pretty cool:)  And since this trip, Brian has decided that we just need a boat to keep down there so we can go on the water anytime we want.

The kids got to spend a day with their cousins too, and they enjoyed every minute of it.  Because of our different schedules, Ross and Amanda had to leave on Saturday, and we weren't able to be there until Friday, so they didn't get much time to play.  Good thing the amount of time doesn't matter to these kids.....they always pick up right where they left off.

 Crazy James:)

 Sawyer had the hardship of having to nap in Nana's arms while we road around on the boat.  It sure it tough to be him;)
 Not real sure why she was pouting.  She's cute regardless.  And he pout is much better than her whine!  She's the only girl in the gaggle of boys, so she's got to hold her own!

 Brian got to go tubbing....behind a pontoon.  Not real fast, but the kids enjoyed watching him:)

 And Parker was the only one brave enough to go out with Daddy.  The other kids wouldn't try it, even after watching how slow it went, they were too scared.  Next year!

 And of course, you've got to have 4 wheeler rides!
 And Parker....this kid would not nap while we were there.  He really needs a nap.  He fell asleep every day at the most random occasions...our walks, golf cart rides.  Just enough to wind him up for a little bit again.
And Charles being mr. serious.  Which really isn't his personality at all:)
 And waking Paker up was hysterical.  Love his wake up face:)

Brian and I were able to venture into Branson one morning without kids (except my buddy Sawyer) to do some shopping.  It was pretty fabulous!  We also trekked into Branson the next day with the kids to Ride the Ducks.  And we spent lots of time throwing rocks in the water.  The kids love that.  Just trying to keep Parker from drowning is the trick:)......Mr. fearless.  Next year we might be brave and try to survive Silver Dollar City with the kids.  Maybe.  Unless we come to our senses!

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  1. Looks like a great trip! Gorgeous photos! Love those children!