Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to school

Back to school, Back to school, to prove to dad I'm not a fool.......Oh Billy Madison...such a great movie.  Everytime I think of the phrase "back to school," that's what runs through my mind:):)

I digress.  Back to the cute kids going back to school.  I can't hardly believe summer is over. It almost doesn't seem like it happened this year!  I think with the amazing cool temperatures we've been experiencing and all the rain the last several weeks, I kept waiting for summer to show up, and it's already out the door!  I both love and hate back to school time.  I love having the schedule and routine back again.  I'm a routine kind of girl, and my kids will very quickly put you in crazy town if they get bored!  But I also love not having to wake them up if they choose to sleep in past 7.  Or race around in the mornings trying to get all 4 of them out the door by 8 (this is when my kids being early risers comes in handy!)  But, like it or not, school is back in session.....and this year I have TWO of them gone FOUR DAYS A WEEK in the morning for three hours.  It's glorious.  But I miss them too.  (I'm telling you....having kids makes you crazy).    It's sort of weird having just the two little boys around.  And even though we are only on day 5 of school, it's amazing what I can accomplish with 2 less kids in the house, lol.  And the errands I can actually run without losing my mind?!?  And if I choose to be active, instead of going for the 3rd cookie before 10 am, I can even go for a run or a walk with just two.  I think I may like this whole "kids in school bit":)

The kids like it too.  Which is more important I suppose.  Eli has a new teacher this year.  He seems to like his new class, but I can tell he misses his old teacher (who was fabulous...but so is his new one!).  And Kamdyn has done far better than I thought she would!  I was worried about her being super timid and not wanting to go everyday and it being a fight, but she really seems to enjoy herself.  It only took her teacher and all their paras 3 days to get her to talk at all:)  So that' s progress!  I think she is really going to adjust well and school is going to be great for her once she gets used to it.

So, onto the obligatory first day of school pictures.  I was so proud of myself that I actually had time to get these.  I'm pretty sure it barely happened last year.  Actually, I think I may have taken his "first day of school" pictures sometime in the first week and called it good, lol.  But I couldn't resist a photo opportunity with these two cuties!

 Sidenote:  Daddy doesn't ever get to join us for drop off because he has already been working with kids for almost an hour....but on the first day, their school only has 6th grade and he was student-less, so he got to join us.  Yay!  I think K liked having her daddy to hold her hand:)

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