Sunday, August 18, 2013

Popsicles and Peas....but not together;)

I could eat a popsicle any time of year, but summer is the best time.  Mostly because I can send the kids outside to eat...popsicle eating is messy business:)  The kids sure do enjoy them though!  I will probably enjoy them more for the kids when they can eat them entirely on their own.

And....this little mister turned 6 months old, got his first haircut (and tooth!!), and finally got to start some baby food.  I'm trying to keep this little man my baby as long as possible since he's my last baby, but man does he make it hard!!  He's doing/trying to do everything else so much faster than his brothers and sister did.  Not sure I'm ready for that!  But regardless, he got to start baby food.  We started with peas.  Not sure what he thought of them.  He didn't appear to hate them, but he didn't really like them.  Since then, he's also had green beans, squash, and sweet potatoes.  Carrots up tonight!  And it's very obvious that he likes all of the others much better than peas:)  Can't say I blame him!

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