Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I bet you all thought I was going to go on a blogging hiatus again:)  It's getting to be time for me to upload some new pictures off my camera, but I still have a few already done that I will share. 

Our kids love the park. It's actually been an awesome summer, and we've been able to spend much more time outside.  Until the last few weeks.  But that's just because of all the rain and now the humidity because of that rain.  Anyways, I digress.  We love Riverside park.  It's not necessarily the closest park to us, but it's one of my favorites to take the kids too.  No sand (on most of it) and it is very shady.  Definitely a must when I'm with Saywer.  I'm pretty sure these pictures are from way back in June, but we had a wonderful morning in the park!

Parker loves to swing.  His sister was pushing him too.  She always wants to do everything herself....such a good little helper.
 And they all love climbing this rope thing.  Even Parker.  He has to do everything the big kids do.  Can't hold him back.  He's far more adventurous than any of his other siblings.  Eli is still sometimes timid on this thing....I'm pretty sure if Parker could actually climb higher, he would go to the top.

The end!

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