Thursday, August 12, 2010

The proper way to eat

If you're looking for tips and pointers on proper table etiquette, don't look to this little missy.....

Kamdyn is such a mess when she eats. It's pretty hilarious to feed her actually. Believe it or not, (very hard to tell from these pictures) she is actually getting SO much better at eating. She doesn't usually get herself this messy unless she decides to rub her eyes. Once that happens, all hope is lost. She also likes to "help" the food go down by sucking on her fingers between bites. Somedays I feel like I should just take her out back and hose her off after lunch or dinner. Enjoy the mess making while you can baby girl, some day it won't be considered socially acceptable to look like this at the table.

On a different note......look who is officially a sitter! She's actually been sitting well for a couple of weeks, but I'm just behind on getting some pictures on here. She looks so grown up sitting up and playing now! She seems to enjoy the sitting life pretty well. She will happily sit and play with her toys for quite a while; it is definitely easier to entertain her this way.

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