Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This and some little baby legs

Eli is such a little goofball. He's been cracking me up lately..........

*The other day at the store I caught him trying to sneak a snickers bar on the conveyer belt. He was busted and it had to go back, but he was so very close. Definitely has his daddy's taste in candy bars:)
*Eli loves to try to make Kamdyn laugh when we are in the car. This process in itself it pretty funny, especially when they both get to laughing. The other day I got a call when we were in the car. It was a pre-recorded mass message, but I didn't know that at the time, so I answered. I said, "hello" and a few seconds later I hear Eli saying, "hello," and cracking up. He thought this was so funny so he proceeded to say "hello" over and over again at Kamdyn so that she was cracking up too.

Here's a cute picture I've been meaning to put up here for several weeks, just keep forgetting. Kamdyn and papa spending time by the pool together.
I have recently made some fun new things for Kamdyn. I made her some hair bows which I love, but my favorite thing right now are some leg warmers. These are actually called "baby legs" (supposed to protect little legs from rough carpet when they are crawling), but they are essentially leg warmers. At least that's what I'm using them for:) They are pretty darn cute on her. I've made her 3 pairs so far and am having to practice restraint when it comes to buying more socks to make these. I'm pretty sure I want some in every color I can find. Can't wait for more fall-like weather so we can bust these out everyday!

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