Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Truck Night

Last night we took the kids up to Big Truck Night at Maize South. This is the first year we've taken Eli. He is so crazy about big trucks and buses I thought it would be fun to take him this year. He had a good time....he didn't really like waiting in the lines to get in the trucks, but he enjoyed "driving" them and walking around.

He's kind of looking a little mischeivous in the Maize police car.
Driving the fire truck....he was in no hurry to get out of this one.
First bus ride!!! He loves to point out buses wherever we go, and we usually see them on our walks in the morning, so he was excited to go on a ride. Brian stayed behind with Kamdyn. He claims he's on buses enough (for soccer games) so he didn't need to go on another ride. Eli was super concerned about leaving his daddy behind. He was excited to get on the bus, but after he looked out the window for a minute kept telling me he was all done. Then when the bus left to go around the parking lot, he just kept saying "dada". But he ended up enjoying himself.

Checking out the tractor. He was being told to smile...this is what I got:)
Heading home! Beautiful night for big truck night
Kamdyn enjoying herself in the stroller.
I used to hate when I would get stopped by a train, now I love when it happens. Only because I love the reaction I get from Eli every time. He loves cute. Crazy how your perspective changes after you have kids:)
This is the face you see when you look back and see Eli watching the train drive by. He gets so excited. This was the icing on the cake....big trucks and a train...all before bedtime, life doesn't get much better:)

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  1. I love the photo of Eli watching the train! SO cute! What a great shot!