Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sandbox Play

We've had our sandbox in the backyard (under the deck...nice and shady, you just have to ignore the spiders. YUCK!) for quite a while. Eli loves the sandbox. I feel bad for him because we don't play in the backyard nearly as much as he would probably like because I don't want to deal with the dog poop. I could probably just leave it for Brian to pick up, but I don't want to have to worry about the kids plowing through it, so anytime we are out there, I feel compelled to pick up poop. Anyways, Kamdyn was never much of a fan. She would much rather be swinging. Until just recently that is. I put her in a couple of months ago and she was very unsure. Now, she's very sure about the fun of the sandbox. She LOVES that thing. When we go in the backyard that's the first place she wants to be. I just plop her down and as long as she has her sand tools, she is good to go:) She will play in there for herself for quite a while. Pretty cute, and gives me time to do poop detail. I think the poop has been picked up more in the last 6 months than it has been in the last 3 (almost 4) years we've had Jake. Finally got around to taking some pictures of her playing in the sandbox a couple of weekends ago. I gotta scrapbook it:)

Sidenote: the hat she is wearing in one of Eli's that he outgrew. She cracks me up. She pulls bows and handbands out of her hair instantly, but she gets ticked if I take her hat off. I was trying to get some pictures of her playing without it because she kind of looks like a boy since she doesn't have long hair yet (come on hair, grow!!), but she got so mad at me and was just crying, so I had to put it back on. Wish her brother kept his on as well....

Eli still enjoys the sandbox too. He (by "he" I mean mommy) likes to make castles. Too bad our sand is never wet enough to make any good ones. Doesn't hurt my feelings much, he just stomps on them the second I get them mad anyway.

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  1. SO cute! She looks so darn cute in that hat...wish Munchkin would keep his hat on like Kamdyn does!