Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hi, I'm Krista.......and I'm afraid of bugs

There's a first for everything.....last night I discovered a tick on me when I was taking a shower. Seriously creeped me out! I am not a bug person at all. Bugs give me the heebie jeebies, and I pretty much steer clear of all kinds of creepy crawlers. I don't even like to kill bugs, it grosses me out, and part of the reason I hate weeding so much is because I always feel like there are bugs crawling all over me. Needless to say, when I saw that tick, I kind of freaked out. All day long I keep thinking I am feeling bugs crawling on me. That tick didn't ask permission to take up residence on my body, and I feel slightly violated (Brian informed me that more parasites don't care if I want them there or not).

Since I have such a "love" for bugs, and this was a first for me with the tick, I was probably being overdramatic about it:) I told Brian I felt like there were ticks hiding all over me and that he should probably do the "monkey thing" and check my hair for ticks too. I remember (or think this is what they told us) when I was in Brownies, they always told us to wear hats out in the woods to protect against ticks. Then Brian made fun of me and said that wasn't true (unless the ticks fell out of trees), and that we were supposed to wear hats to protect from sunburn:) I was a brownie drop-out, so what do I know, but I swear that's what they said......did anyone else ever hear that?

Here's to hoping I never find another tick on my body! And that the rest of you know how to handle yourselves if you do find a tick, I sure didn't.

On a side note.....Brian was teasing me again this morning(after I told him I saw a bug in the sink. I washed it down.....he asked if it was a tick. I wasn't sure, but I told him they were after me!), and I said the thing about him doing to the monkey picking thing in my hair....Eli heard me and said, "mommy, you have a monkey in your hair?" So funny

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  1. Oh honey! I'm so sorry! I would have freaked out too!!!!