Thursday, May 12, 2011

This boy loves his bath toys

I know I've said it before, but I'm not a huge fan on bath time. I do have to say, bath time is growing on me. It's a great way to waste 30 minutes in the evening when the kids are driving me bonkers. And the kids love them, and get along for the most of the time (hope I'm not cursing myself for a tear-filled bath time tonight!) Besides, since it's getting nicer outside, I feel like the kids get way dirtier and need baths more frequently:) So, we've been enjoying lots of time in the bath. Eli LOVES playing with his bath toys. He just cracks me up. He has so much fun, so I had to take some pictures of fun in the tub.This little one is usually just trying to stay away from her crazy brother and steer clear of all the spraying water. It is usually a lost cause!
What's better than your own personal fountain in the bath?!?!?

He freaks out when I dump water all over his head, but he doesn't care if he sprays himself in the face with water. Go figure.

Get me out of here please!!
Gotta love squeaky clean kids:)

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