Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hair cut

Hello all! Did you miss me?? It's only been a month since I did my last blog post:) Oh well, that's life I guess. Just lots of stuff going on.....

Anyways, I will do a bit of catching up (mostly because I have some cute pictures of our kiddos). So this happened way back in January. Little miss got her first hair cut. I've been putting off cutting her hair because I want it to grow longer. But, it was time. My fabulous friend, and hair dresser, Sage, said that her hair would thicken up and even out a bit if we finally gave it a trim. Yes please! So hair cut it was. We were over at Sage's house one day for a play date (gotta love multi-tasking:)) and she did a little trim job on Kamdyn.

Kamdyn wasn't real sure what in the world we were doing to her, and I had to give her some fruit snacks to keep her happy during the cut. This girl loves her food:)

And that's that. I must say, I feel like her hair has come a long way since that cut:) It's all mostly one length (which is always a bonus) and it's getting a little bit thicker. So cute. It's getting longer now too. I always have to pull it out of her face. Pretty fun. It's making me brush up on my "hair styling" skills. Thank goodness for pintrest! And that I have some time to work on it as I go!

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