Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We go to the zoo a lot. It's close, cheap (once you shell out the dough for a membership), and has a lot of room for the kids top run wild. We usually go at least once a week in the spring and summer. Last week, we went three days in a row. Maybe a bit excessive, but the weather was gorgeous and the kids had a blast. And we got out of the house and burned off some energy with friends. Guess that's all that really matters. Plus, we probably already would have paid for the membership by now:). Such good time with some great girlfriends and their kids. It was fun to play around with my camera too. I feel like I am almost a pro at handling this thing now! Well, maybe I won't go that far, but I was fun to mess around with all the settings and get some fun pictures.

Parker was there too. This is the proof. He doesn't walk yet, so there is no other visual proof of his presence:) He was such a good little man too. Sitting up like a big boy in the stroller (tear:()She was afraid of the goats (even though they were behind a fence) So she just hung out behind the stroller for protection and to help me push.
The new fun game at the zoo. Climb up the posts and throw stuff into the water. Geez, people gotta learn how to watch their kids:)
Such a pretty little thing. She was checking out the giraffes. One of mommy's personal favorites!
So sweet! Conrad and Kamdyn, bff's, perhaps future boyfriend/girlfriend, just hanging out holding hands. She loves her friends. And she thinks their mommies are pretty awesome too. Conrad's mommy, Allison, is a personal favorite of Kamdyn's:)

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